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Ideas Page

Here are some creative ways to use WebFeed services: 
    • Listing of calendar events and news updates. Take a look at these examples:

    • Several Lutheran churches who update their weekly worship and event schedule on their WordPress based sites:
      - Trinity Lutheran

      - St. Ansgar Lutheran

      - Inshallah London Choir

    • - An example of a fictitious folk club's events.

    • Displaying interesting facts or information like 'quotes of the day' etc. to keep your website visitor's coming back. Take a look at this example of a Prayer for Today.

    • Change your front page based on your organisation's seasonal calendar. Take a look at this example of a seasonal graphic to match a church's liturgical year.

    • Changing your front page navigation menu to promote special events. Changes could include event phases like Early Registration, Count Down to Event,  Displaying daily the event schedule.