New to London in 2017 and taking our model from the “Inshallah” choir at the Kanata Centre for Global Song in Waterloo, ON formed in 2007, this is a non-auditioned, non-denominational, interfaith choir.

Love to Sing? Join our choir …  Singing for joy … Singing as prayer … Songs of Faith.

Our guiding principles:

  • being a welcoming space where all can find; joy in singing, and meaning in sung prayer
  • nurturing a spirituality of openness, vulnerability and mutuality while being true to our faith roots
  • proclaiming God’s love that challenges injustice and also affirms all humanity and creation
  • being about participation rather than perfection
  • intentionally learning about the original context of the songs and finding our connection for our local community
  • learning global songs; seeking singers originally from other countries and indigenous communities who would like to share their songs

Also see us on facebook.com/InshaLondonchoir/